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Helmlake Stud Dogs & Puppies

Set in 50 acres of beautiful Surrey countryside, the Helmlake kennels have acquired an enviable reputation for breeding top quality working dogs and show champions.

Helmlake is the home of famous Champion Helmlake Great Danes; all colours are bred - the Black, Blue, Fawn, Brindle and Harlequin.

The kennel also breeds Dachshunds and Hungarian Vizslas.

Its associate kennel, "Fearnought", specialises in breeding Bulldogs and Mastiffs.

Karina Le Mare


Karina Le Mare was born in Norway. Her parents bred Great Danes, Setters, Pointers and Wire Fox Terriers, and she grew up surrounded by animals. Karina attended the Rudolf Steiner School which instilled in her a reverence for life and animals.

When she came to England she established her famous Helmlake kennel, and in her first litter of fawns produced three champions.

She has since bred numerous champions in different breeds and various colours, but Great Danes are her love.

For many years, Karina (who speaks several languages, including her native Scandanavian languages, French, German, Spanish, Italian and English) has been a Championship Show judge, and is authorised by Die Deutsche Doggen Club of Germany to award international Challenge Certificates.

She has judged Great Danes all over Europe, the USA, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, and is the only judge authorised to judge the breed in Germany, its country of origin.

She is honorary Secretary of the Canine Supporters' Charity and, never one to avoid issues, has contributed articles to the canine press.


In her book, GREAT DANES, An Owner's Companion", Karina covers the history of the breed and discusses the Breed Standards, before getting down to the practical matters of buying a puppy, care, management and training. There is advice on breeding, pregnancy and whelping, showing and judging, diseases and ailments and a final chapter on famous dogs, past and present.

The book is illustrated throughout with photographs and line-drawings.

It is published by:

Crowood Press
Ramsbury, Marlborough
Wiltshire SN8 2HR

ISBN 1 85223 316 8

PLEASE NOTE: we can mail a copy of this book to anyone who wants one.